Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top PC Games 2010

1 ) Battlefield: Bad Company 2
What: FPS
When: March 2nd
Why: Next-gen of Battlefield goodness, intense infantry and vehicle combat, destructible environments, enhanced PC features, MW2 killer

2) Supreme Commander 2
Who: Gas Powered Games
What: RTS
When: March 2nd
Why: Streamlined economy, improved AI/pathfinding, enhancements to unit upgrades, optimizations for better performance with tons of units

3) Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight
Who: EA
What: RTS
When: March 16th
Why: Conclusion of Kane's story, RPG elements, streamlined action, 80 units between GDI and Nod

4) Assassin’s Creed 2
Who: Ubisoft
What: Action/Adventure
When: March 16th
Why: Nonlinear open-world, more complex combat, larger variety of missions, basically better than the first in every way

5)Metro 2033
Who: 4A Games
What: FPS
When: March 16th
Why: Based on Russian novel about nuclear holocaust survivors living in subways underground, STALKER meets Fallout 3

5) Just Cause 2
Who: Avalanche Studios
What: Action/Adventure
When: March 23rd
Why: Sandbox environment, fully upgradeable weapons and vehicles, grappling hook/parachute combo used for travel, hijacking vehicles, and more

6) APB
Who: Realtime Worlds
What: MMO
When: March
Why: Huge open world game of cops vs. robbers, masterminded by creator of Grand Theft Auto

7) Mafia 2
Who: 2K Games
What: Action/Adventure - Q1
When: May 3rd
Why: Become a made man and compete with rival families over 10 square miles of open game world

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